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CREF Marketing Provides The Best in Customer Support from assistance with helping you find a funding source for any CRE / Business loan to Modfication proposal formation and strategy assistance to help you assist your clients in the most efficient way.

We're Not Interested in You Buying Leads, Marketing and or Advertising Services and Leaving it There.

We want to see those deals close
which in the end is all that matters.

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    sample forms, spreadsheets, scripts: Auto Calculating Spreadsheets For Loan Analysis, Commercial Modification, CRE Loan Analysis, Cash Flow and More Along with Intake, Evaluation Form Samples. Brokers can also take advantage of Sales Scripts and Support Materials to Help them be more productive and improve contact / closing ratio.

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    WHOLESALE commercial lender search: Broker / LOs can use our patent pending platform to search for and find CRE funding for any commercial mortgage / business loan type. Using up to 10 search fields specific to the needs of a given loan, the system will return only the lenders who will help fund those specific loan scenarios. More Fundig Resources means more closed loans.

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    commercial modification / Workout training and support: When a Commercial Refinance Loan Declines, the worst thing you can do is discard that borrower. By offering to assist in a modification or "workout" of the declined loan you...

    (A) earn a commission by solving their current problem with a Mod/Workout (paid up front)
    (B) Earn a second commission by assisting with a permenant refinance once the issue stabalizes thereafter.

    The textbook definition of a win win. We provide a 100% turnkey program to help brokers / LOs work with commercial borrowers to solve distressed scenarios to avoid foreclosure and refinance them later on.

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    network support: We'll Help You Succeed. When you close deals the referring parties who placed those loan requests in our system are happy, the borrower is happy and you earn fantastic commissions. It is in our ineterest to help you find funding if needed for any scenario and we'll do so at no additional cost..